Inscripción en el Registro Mercantil de personas físicas o jurídicas prestadoras de servicios a sociedades (II).

Tal y como indicamos en el post anterior, el RD-L 11/2018 publicado el pasado 4 de septiembre en el BOE, introduce novedades respecto de la inscripción el Registro Mercantil de

The firm is providing consultancy to a new client for negotiations in a joint venture with a large-scale American company. Seeking to present an agreement proposal to the General Administration

The client makes up a part of a foreign group owning search engine technology used in vertical web portals. The group’s Spanish affiliate is in charge of business development on

The client manages a complex system which includes radar, calculation rooms, and satellites. These increase the precision of a global positioning satellite (GPS) signals, thus permitting their use in sectors

This foreign group performs the structuring and placement of financial instruments in the primary market and intermediation in the secondary market through a large network of brokers on five continents.